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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
Hi Geeg,
Just want to thank you for your contribution in Nails this month :D
What a lady.
Thank you!

What was it?

I haven't got my copy!!! They don't seem to bother to send one to me! Great isn't it? 8)
Hi Geeg,
It was about infection, The part of the mag called Nail alphabet :D
Also at to laugh Grafton have a paraffin bath called GiGi :D Any connection :?
I'm glad you liked the article! Thankyou for your kind remarks.

I actually write for all 3 of the nail magazines and I do get a bit confused sometimes as to which article is where and at what time because they never send me copies of the mags, despite each editor having told me that they would!!

Well the GiGi bath is something I hadn't heard about. I am Gigi anyway, not GiGi. More used to seeing my name in America outside of some sleazy strip joint or Bar. Gigi's ' pole dancing and topless waitresses!! :oops:

Anyway I hope it is a good piece of equipment if people are going to think I had anything to do with it!! :D
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