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Jan 12, 2003
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Wolverhampton, W. Mids.
Hey Geeks, Just got my copy of Nails mag and there you both are looking sassy 8) - on several pages too :salute: Right its break time :hic: er, no, no, I mean :morn:
got mine today also and there they are mr and mrs geek love the articles both you are both sooooo lucky

I always Njoy doing LFW; we have a good time but we work bloody hard. The Nail Geek seems to get to see the A list celebs though; CND did the Oscars too and we have a great pic of Daryl Hannah having her feet Spa Pedicured!!!

Wish I could get my feet Spa Pedicured :? ;)

I too got the new mag this morning and i must say i am dead jelous, i aim to be in there one day, i got a phone call asking if i can do a couple of full sets and nail art for a photo shoot and i sadly had to turn it down as my paying clients always come first. But as they say it will happen for us one day, she was nice when i said we couldnt do it, she even said that she will keep my mobile number and would be the first she contacted if anything else pops up that we might be needed for.
Also sam that article you did on electric files was great and i truly agree with what you said, i have never had to use a 'drill' and i dont want to either. :!:
love Faye xx (ruths off spring so i'm told)
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