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Jul 12, 2004
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Hey guys wondered if you could help me.
What is the best way to soak of a set of tips.
I have got tip remover but is it best to leave them soaking in a bowl first.
wanted to no what is the best and quickest way without damaging the natural nail.
Hi there there was a post on this a while back. If you click search and type soak off you should find it.

When I soak off, I soak a lint free pad with acetone wrap it around the nail with foil, shiny side in, and leave for around 20 mins. This is more cost effective.

Or you could put acetone in a bowl, like you said but put another bowl of hot/warm water underneath this speeds it up a bit. Im sure there was a post about a different way though have a search hun.

I also use the foil method, as it means you can check each finger individually. Otherwise when you put five fingers in the bowl, pull the hand out to check, the other fingers start to reset again so it makes it take longer.

i was told on my courses to soak of with lint free pads,asetone & foil.soaking off in a bowl could cause spills.
hope this is some help!!
The post I put up recently about soaking off is this, it uses latex gloves, much better than foil as I found that didn't stay in place:

Cut off the fingers from a pair of latex gloves (should fit persons hand) just enough to go over 1st of finger. (cost of glove 4p)
Add a little olive oil to your acetone (stops skin drying out too much)
Soak your pads in remover and wrap around nail
Place latex finger ends over each finger. These will hold pads snug
Leave 20-30 mins.

Beauty of this system is client can move about, (she doesn't have to sit there motionless for 20-30 mins) have a cup of tea, no smell either.

Thanks guys for your help.
I will try these ideas but the one i will find easier i think will be using the latex gloves as i can get them where i work.
Yes the foil idea works very well. HOWEVER I just saw in the most recent NAILPRO magazine where they are now selling a set of little plastic cups that you can slip over top the fingertips and they have a rubber seal on them so that they do not leak out acetone.....kinda weird looking but at least they're reusable

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