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Sep 14, 2006
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Hi, I am trying to think of a name for my mobile nail business again!
I was going to just go with 'emily's nails' but it just doesnt appeal to me if you know wheat i mean! When I keep saying it just sounds too plain to me!
So, Ive been racking my brains trying to think of another name!
Ive listed below the ones ive come up with so far (please give me your opinion as to which one you like most - or if you dont like any of them!), I apologise if any are similar to any that are already out there, i have been checking on the net before ive picked them to try and not get the same as others! Ive also tried not to just stick to nails as eventually id like to go on and do skin-care, make-up etc...

so here we have....

  • Simply Sensational
  • Pinkies Tip n Toes
  • Simply Stunning
  • Perfect Pinkies
  • Perfect Pampering
  • Tranquilty Nails (limited to nails I know!)
And thats it (for now!!):green:

Please let me know what you think - if u dont like any of them please say (i dont mind:lol:)
How about 'sensationail :)
Thanks for your reply, I do like that and is one i thought of but unfortunately someone else near me is already using it:cry:
Emily's Enhancements?
mind you , I suppose thats sticking to nails only really isnt it ?
What about ' From Tip To Toe ', doesnt just limit you to nails either then :hug:xx
Emily's Enhancements?
mind you , I suppose thats sticking to nails only really isnt it ?
i really like this...and the way its percieved could not just be related to nails.

After all you can be "enhancing the quality of the skin" or furthermore enhancing someones well being;):wink2:
I think that rolls off the toungue nicely!
I will have a think about it and let you know if I come up with any good ens :)
Also this one does not limit what you do within the industry

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