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Dec 28, 2010
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Has anyone tried nanokeratin Brazilian? I've been using global keratin but am so disappointed with the results I'm getting with it I'd like to try a new range, would love to hear if this is good?
I would also love to hear what people prefer, Im in limbo knowing which brazilian blow-dry to go for, and can any be used on bleached hair????
From the consumer side.
Ive had the nanokeratin treatment and im sorry to say it didnt work at all.
The hairdresser however had good results on other people.
My hair is kinda puffy but no excessively frizzy.
It was dissapointing as id followed instructions to the letter.
The salon were very good about it and refunded me.
I'm also looking to start this too .. Interested to find out the info :)
Thanks everyone I think the main problem with brazilians now the formaldehyde has been taken out they no longer straighten the hair much. Great for condition but most clients want a degree of smoothing and straightening and are disappointed with the results.
I use qod max it's fantastic my clients much prefer it to global kerati , it's organic formaldehyde free etv but does smooth and considerably straighten the hair somewhat x

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