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Apr 6, 2004
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Pleease can you help me?!

ive been asked to create some natural coloured sculpted enhancements (she really doesnt want pink and white).
unfortunately i only have pink, white and clear powders. i would have got the natural but it wont have arrived in time! aagghh!
could i mix white and clear? if so how exactly would i do it?
im using forms so the clear would be see thru!

sorry if i sound soooo blonde!
You can try mixing your white and clear powder, that will make a more natural looking colour. I am not sure of the ratio, have a play around with it til you get the colour you want. If you have mixed to much then you can save it for when your client returns for a re balance.

i believe my friend mixes pink and clear together. good luck!
have a look on the other posts as i am sure mix ratio,s for natural tips was posted about a week ago.
natural nails gave the ratio of what powders to mix for natural tips
I do mix Soft White and natural on a 2:3 basis. You could try doing the white/clear but be very careful as you could end up with a marble effect if it is not mixed fully.

I use a small medicine spoon to decant the powders - play about to find what you like and it may be worth getting some small pots of all the other colours - Natural, Soft White, Flawless Pink etc the next time you place an order so that you have everything you need.

Let us know what you do and how it works.
thank you so much for all your replies! fiona thank you, i definitely need all the powders!

im going to make life easier for myself and just go to the OSNS tomorrow!
i didnt think i had time (im scared of motorways so go on the ridiculously time consuming a roads:eek: ) but il just go on the motorway!
im sooooooo difficult! :o

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