Need advice for the best eyelash extension courses


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Jun 1, 2010
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hya im looking to do a lash extension course and see from here that there are many courses. can anyone give me the advice or opinions of whats the best course please? x x x x x
I'm goin a blink & go course on aug, I'm so excited about it, x
ive been doing alot of research on these as im hoping to offer them soon and the best ones to me look like glam lash. but if anyone could offer any suggestions from a hands on side i would be gratefull :green:
Hi hun

That is very good question, but there have been tons of threads about this recently so if you type it in the search box at the top then you will find loads of info.

Everyone one will most likely say the best course was the one they did. I don't think there's anyone on here that has trained with every single company.

You should do a search on here on the different lash companies, do a bit of research into each company on the rest of the web, make a short list and contact each company whether that's email/phone.

Once you've made contact you will get a feel for the company. Your training will not be the last time you contact this company so you want to like the people you are dealing with and you will want quick replies.
I trained with Glam lash in Glasgow and highly recommend them After training in semi permanent you can go on to train in Lash in a Flash. Which are both Fab.

I trained with flirties was really impressed with both the kit and the training and would recommend it. Training is 1-2-1 so you feel you are getting undivided attention so worth the initial cost.
Hi there, I did my training with GlamLash (Essex), I must say, the trainer Heather really took the time to make sure I was confident before I left. I did plenty of reseach before booking a course different brands and training, I personally found GlamLash to have a great reputation, this certainly helps as lots of my clients ask what product I use and belive me, many will ask and then look on the net for info! Also, when I order products, I get them very quick and compared to lots of other suppliers, the cost per client is low!
Hope that helps and good luck!
I too have done the flirties one to one training. Fantastic kit where u have enough products to do at least 200 sets of lashes and the after care is brill
i did blink & go and there AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks yvette xx

I deliver Glam Lash training, i have previously trained with other brands but switched to train glam lash as i found the service much more personal. The quality of product very high and price reasonable. I see 30 plus clients throughout the week and all of them i use glam lash on and everyone is very pleased with them.

Whatever training you take on you can always buy a couple of pots of lashes to try later on with glam lash, it will save you a fortune.

Also they have brought out their own version of express lashes xx

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