Need help please - Gellux, Gelish, Shellac


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May 16, 2012
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I'm new to salon geek!! Amazing website though. Will be using it all the time now!
I'm really interested in doing gel nails something like gellux, gelish or shellac. Or any that anyone else can recommend??
I just need advice on how to get started? Such as where to train and buy the products.
I'm based in south east London but often in Essex.
Pleaseeeee let me know.

Glad you like the site, it is great and really helpful.

I just thought I'd drop you a reply as no one has done yet and it might be because there are quite a few threads on here already about your question - obviously being a newbie, you won't know that though!

The best thing to do is in the top right hand part of your page, there is a search function - type each of the gel name brands in or type "gel polishes" or similar and you will find loads of info there - you will then be able to read all the feedback on the various brands.

To be honest, it really is down to your own personal preference and also what is popular in the area you live etc - but have a search for a few things first and see what you can find. You then may find that you have lots of info, but there's still something you need to know and then you can post a more specific question.

Hope that is helpful - I slipped up with this too when I first joined the site - didn't know about the search function! Happy reading... you've lots to get through!! xx
Thank you for your reply. I've had a look, think I'm going to go for either opi or gellux. Do you know much about these brands?
I don't I'm afraid as I use LCN and Shellac, but again, do a search and you will find loads of info on both of those brands as there has been a lot of discussion about them. x
At the mo I'm using Gellux,...great product but lots of people are talking about gellish on here.., so I'm insure if I should stick with what iv got or try gellish too ?? What have you choose ?

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