Need help trimming son's hair


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire
I want to attempt to trim my three year old son's hair.

He's a bit frightened of the barbers and says mummy can cut it.

Please can anyone advise on what method I should use?

I have bought some hairdressing scissors but am a bit scared to cut it in case I make a mess.

Was just going to cut off a few mm's initially.
My advise to you would be don't do it!!!

Kids are very hard to cut even when you know what you are doing. They riggle and move and can do it at the most awkward moments i.e when you are cutting around the ear!!!

If he is scared I think the worst thing you could do is give in and not take him as this will just fuel the fear. Boys are MUCH worse for "creating" at the salon in my experience.

Take him to the hairdressers when you go so he can sit and see that you are relaxed and enjoy it and then book him in with the same stylist as you and make a thing of him having his hair done by mummy's special hairdresser.

They do grow out of it and it will only be harder in the future if you don't take him.

Hope you manage to sort something out. GOOD LUCK:wink2:
Thanks I was worried I'd make a hash of it. Try the hairdressers I think ! xxx

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