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Mar 17, 2011
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Hi, I am trained in Lash perfect and had a lady call over the weekend asking for a full set. She has Nouveau lashes on at the moment but is not happy with them and has had to go back to the salon 3 times in one week to be topped up (each time she has been charged). She wants me to take a look and either a) remove the whole lot and start again or b) infill with Lash Perfect.

What I want to know is firstly are my Lash Perfect products going to remove Nouveau lashes and secondly can I infill? Didn't really think that was an option as there is obviously some problem with her current lashes.

I did suggest that she go back to her therapist and get them removed but she doesn't want to offend her!

Hope someone can help.

Linda x
I would remove her current lashes then do a full new set with your own. You dont want to ruin all your good hard work with the few remaining dodgy lashes poking about and falling off leaving gaps making your work look bad!
i think itll depend on how they look when you see them. ive had quite a few clients come to me from other lash techs and just recently ive had to remove two sets and start over but another two were perfectly fine to top up. ive started to book out a wee bit of extra time when topping up a new client with existing lashes, it doesnt matter how many questions you ask like have you still got lashes on, how often do you get them topped up, when was the last time you had them topped up etc... youll just know better when you actually see them.

the two i removed appreciated the fact that i was honest with them and said id prefer to remove and start over. they trusted my judgement and were a lot happier with what i did to what theyd had before.

maybe ask her to pop in so you can have a look before the appointment to see what you think is best. hope this helps :) cx

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