Need help with natural nail crack


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Georgie Porgie

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Apr 6, 2003
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Utah, USA
I had a client call me today, and tell me that she "stepped" on her hand, and broke a nail clear through her natural nail. She has made an appointment for first thing in the morn.
My first thought was to soak off, but I wonder what the remover will do to the "open" crack?
I know it sounds crazy, but in my 2 "few" years, I have never had anyone break a nail clear though before.... Maybe I should feel blessed! lol... Anyways... Is there a "procedure" or anything for this kind of breakage?
Thanks Mrs Geek! You have been soooo much help! :D
this did happen to me one time!! I can't remember what I did, but the enhancement cracked and so did my own nail plate underneith!! Good Ole Geeg fixed it for me and this is what she did!!
Because the crack was very neat and there was nothing wrong with the enhancement in general (ie no lifting etc), she gently pressed the tip area to open the crack and scrubfreshed! Now this didn't actually hurt at all but the scrubfresh stung slightly (well it would woundn't it?) buy Geeg said that this was good because it was santising the area!! Then she did the same thing, gently pressed the tip to open the crack slightly and used Gelbond!! This did not hurt at all I promise and I am a wuss!! She closed the crack and wiped any excess Gelbond off the top, Koaled and Girlfriended the enhancement again!! This was a great fix as it grew out and eventually we soaked the enhancement off and clipped off the free edge!!
You could soak off and the Remover will gave the same 'sting' that Scrubfresh did, but to stop her from 'bending' the natural nail, I would keep the enhancement on so all is sealed until it grows out!! Hope this was in time fr her appointment!! :shock:
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