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Feb 23, 2012
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Clevedon, Bristol
I think it looks great! Although can I ask how you do a full head for £100? X
just had a quick look and it looks really good i did notice a few spelling mistakes and some of the wording didnt make sense at first glance.
it does look good tho very clear and neat and thers loads of info which is good!
hth xxx
I think it looks great! Although can I ask how you do a full head for £100? X

i was also wondering this i only live over the bridge i may need some done at that price!
I'm pretty sure I put from £100 I'll need to check it and that would be for very very thin hair like mine only needs around 50 strands, but it's still a full head as I see it, I may knock it up a bit so people don't get mislead. I don't do like 3/4 heads so I class it as full. I shell change it first thing tomorrow

And spelling... I know! I'm a nightmare for spelling! Is it really bAd? :(
Sorry I forgot to say thank you for your feedback! :)
Out of curiosity what should I class the price from then for a full head like from the price of 100 strands so like full head from £xxx instead of £100 I just go on what I personally use as the lowest quantity for a full head. Obviously £100 is the bare bare minimum for a very thin full head.
Are you sure even with the teeniest tiniest head and VERY fine hair that 50 strands would be a full head?
spelling isnt that bad im just really picky bout it i no mines terrible on here writing replies but thats just coz im trying to b quick for ur website u want it to look professional.
one thing i noticed is all the different colour fonts, at one place where you have weston-super-mare the last e is randomly in red?
in ur about us bit u also say advice clients it should be advise.
as for prices mayb try and work out wat ur average charge is for a full head and do a break down so half head £100 full head £150. otherwise ppl may feel mislead and disappointed if it suddenly shoots up a lot and different prices if u do different lengths?
just a suggestion hope it all helps but like i said before it does look really good.
Thank you for all your advice i will update it as soon as possible. I will change the prices. X
Other than spelling I really think its Fab! Very well laid out and professional I really liked it :)

Can I ask was it professionally done as I'm looking to set one up just doing a few more courses first xxxx
Thanks for the opinion my website was made my me and it is hosted by vista print. I understand I have made a mistake with the full head from £100 and will alter it as soon as possible. Thanks guys x

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