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jlo nails

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Jun 24, 2010
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Hi Everyone. I have a client who loves shellac blackpool...she has asked if she can have blackpool with some kind of pink and im struggling for ideas and wondered if any of you lovely ladies could help me at all...would love to hear your thoughts..

Thanks ladies:biggrin:
what about hot pink under blackpool and then engraving a sort of pattern out of the top blackpool layer... Have a look at "engraving shellac" for ideas...
How about doing an alternative French with Blackpool and one of the brighter pinks? Or doing a pink glitter fade on top if Blackpool?

Why don't you have a look in the Shellac Lovers group, you're bound to come up with some ideas from there!
thanks ladies. she's not coming till friday so i will have a play around...i just wasnt sure if a pink on top of blackpool would still come out pink..if you know what i mean...
Naomi Strachan | Facebook

Hi, I have put a pic on my FB page so you can see what the etching looks like with these colours.......hope it helps x

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