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Aug 3, 2007
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BC Canada
Hi everyone,
My names Ashley, I am an Esthetician/Nail tech here in Canada. I havent been working in a few years but I am wanting to get back into it.
Yesterday I did a set of tips on myself and just went over them with clear polish, just for practice. I used tips that were big enough, fit sidewall to sidewall with out preasure, im sure i put enough glue on too and I buffed and dehydrated them properly. Still two of them got catches/tags lifting on the side where the end of the tip at the side wall is.
I am wondering if I did not blend enough? This can happen too when you over-blend right? Any ideas would be most helpful,
Do you mean you just tipped, and put no product over hun?
Yeah, I just put a tip on my natural nail so i could practice my blending. I was actually going to put some gel on later ( my new fav Integrity, it self levels sooooo nicely, might only be Canadian though: but my lamp bulb burnt out so it will have to wait.
I decided if some pop off thats ok cuz then I can practice more but I want to learn as I go and figure out the bits Im doing wrong. Its slowly all comming back to me but Ive been a little out of the loop for awhile,
it helps to apply the adhesive to the tip and to the nail...x
Oh thats sounds good.
So put a little nail glue on top to re-enforce. Im sure I didnt do that,its those little things you forget when its been awhile, thanks

Adhesive works pretty well for me, don't over do tho it creates problems at the end.

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