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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi, well I have just booked in a new client, but i am really worried, I have not done an acrylic set of nails for an age, so used to doing gel my fav and fibreglass now that I have lost the art of acrylic I think and worst of all she wants pink and white ahhhh :rolleyes:.

Ok so I am not CND trained wil be able to do conversion in just a few more months but until then i have to use other products, i have nsi simplicite pink and white liquid and powder which I do try hard with but just wondered if any one else has used any other makes that are easy to work with and will be kind to me, god I am so worried i will mess it up. hmmmm deap breaths in and slowly out.

Just wondered if ezflow pink and white was any good, need some advice on this one. I did try and push her towards having the white tip airbrushed on and then acrylic put over the top, but she said oh wont that chip though, I did my best to reasure her and say how great it would be any french design she wanted and there with no problems but she did not sound to keen, oh no I think to my self will have to actually perform the dreaded pink and white smile line i am bricking it so much.

Ok any advice and tips would be great please.

Grace x
hi grace

if you are really that worried why don't you use white tips :) easy to apply then overlay with either your pink and white ...much easier when you have a smile line to follow ...or if you want to be lazy;) just overlay the tip with clear and zone 2&3 with pink ...hope this helps ...and don't be nervous's like riding a bike never forget ...just need to tweak up a little ...or cheat:lol:
take care
White Tips is a great idea!!

Babe, i had EXACTLY the same prob a little while ago, except i had 3 clients in that all wanted pink and whites and i hadn't done them for ages, but you sort of rise to the occaision and it all comes back because it HAS to and they all went away happy! :green:
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