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Oct 4, 2011
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Oh my god I am stressed!
I have had a salon junior and a part time beauty therapist for a while now did check with HMRC when they both started and didn't need to register as they weren't earning enough any way I have just put both their hours up so have now registered and god what a lot of reading! Then to top it off the p11 download won't bloody work!
Has anyone else had problems with the download?
Firstly, what do you mean by didn't earn enough? Whatever they are earning needs to be calculated. Even if they don't earn enough for tax/ni.

Are you doing everything on line?
Have you registered for on line?
You need to enter their previous P45 info

Don't forget we are in a new tax year and hmrc will require you to download the 2012 revisions

I'll try to help further if I can and provide more info.

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One was an apprentice the other first job so they both didn't have p45's as never worked before, I calculated their wages ie junior as she was 17 at college £2.60 per hour x by number of hours and beauty therapist her rate x number of hours and because they both earned under the threshold which was £102 I didn't have to register as an employer I was advised this when I took them on and rang HMRC to register and was advised once they went over this I then would need to register. I know I have done everything by the book my girls get full wage slips . My question is has anyone had problems with this download?
Oh I see, I misunderstood sorry

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