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Jan 18, 2004
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Hi everyone,
My names Kerri aged 32 and I am very new to the nail biz, actually, I only qualified from a Salon Systems course only last November. I find this site very helpful for a little fledgling like me and its great to read all the advice you guys give. I hope one day to be in a league of my own and to be a master geek.

I would like some advice now actually if anyone would take pity on a new geeklin! My sister owns a Hairdressing Salon and has asked me to go in with her in buying a new premise, she wants to continue hair and wants me to create and run a new nail salon within. I really think I should be on alot more courses and trained to a higher standard. Does anyone know of some good courses I can go on, there are so many to choose from. I would really appreciate some words of wisdom, anyone.

hiya kerrie

i own and run a hair salon with a beauty salon and nail salon above. It is a great challenge but well worth it.
As for training it all depends on your choice of system this is only my opinion but here goes
L+P = creative nail design
Sculptured gel = LCN (concept nail)
Natural gel overlay = bio sculpture

Creative run some very good courses and i swear by their solar range, and the spa pedi and mani is fab. I would start as you mean to go on. If you start cheep then thats the rep you will be stuck with. Go for good quality products and a brilliant service and you wont go far wrong.

I dont know what area you are in but do lots of research on the prices and the products that are used around you. ;)
Hope this helps a bit

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