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Feb 6, 2003
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Aveley, Essex
I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I've just phoned up about a job vacancy for a nail tech to work in a salon on Fridays and Saturdays only. This suits me great as I already work from home but it will give me a bit of a regular income.

Does anyone know what the going rate of pay is for a nail tech just doing a couple of days a week? It doesn't matter where you live because I can maybe get an average. I'd love to go and work in a salon for a couple of days and this seems like an ideal opportunity but I don't want to be ripped off. The manager is due to phone me back later on.

Cheers girls.
Hi Kelly. will you be supplying your own products or will they provide for you? If it was me I'd supply my own products and go for a 75/25 split (75% going to you of course) The split can vary from 60/40 to 90/10 but you need to negotiate. Working on a percebtage means that you'll be self employed. Techs on salary often work for minimum wage plus comission or, in my area which is the next county to you, £5 - £8 per hour flat rate. These tech have products supplied for them.
Hope this has been of some help to you.
We have 2 part-timers in our salon, they provide their own products and if they take under £100 it's 25% to salon owner, if they take £100 or over per day the rent is £20.
I spoke to her yesterday evening and she told me that if I'd phoned her a week ago she would've given me what I wanted. As it turns out, cos she got no replies to the friday and saturday she's placed an ad in the local paper to rent the space for £150 p/w. She's had a few enquiries but if nothing comes off she'll call me back and we'll take it from there.

She did mention that there would be no overheads and that she would buy whatever product I wanted to use but she would ideally want to use Creative as she knows they're the best :thumbsup: and I will be able to use them as I'm on the conversion course on the 14th April :study: As she would supply the products what sort of split do you think is fair?

Unfortunately, I can't afford £150 p/w with my baby but I love the idea of paying commission before £100 and rent over £100. That's a really good idea Julie. 8)

Thanks for the replies girls! You're the best.
hi kelly
i was just wondering where this place is thats looking for a tech for two days a week. The shop that i am at works on a 75/25 deal and i find that works really well but we supply our own products. I have heard from a few people that the nail salon that has just closed down in lakeside (food court) were paying an hourly salary of about £4.75-£5.00 ph.
Do you know how long this place has been open because if it is new then £100-£150 p/w is very steep. :shock:

take care
luv Faye xx ;)
Not sure how long it's been open but it's right next to Hornchurch station (good location). I think the £100/£150 p/w was for the whole week and not just the two days.

I think 75/25 is fair. Do you know why the nail salon in Lakeside closed down?

i have no idea why it closed down. i only found out from my mum the other weekend. i try to stay away from lakeside unless steve insists on spending money on me which aint as often as it should be :D
i have had a few clients coming to see me over the few years i been doing nails and they all said that when they had there naisl done in there they had problems or they have come to see me to see if i can sort them out. i say us essex techs should stick together with us around they dont need lakeside and places like that :D
Too true! I have no idea either why it closed down. I've also had quite a few clients come to me from there when they've had a nail fall off within half an hour of them having their nails done! They then want to charge them another £6! What a cheek :rolleyes:

I've got a trade test with a nail salon today at 4.30pm!! It's a new salon in Upminster (very posh) and it's just for a Saturday. I don't really want too much more as I've got my own clientele at home. I just think it'd be really nice working in a 'nails' atmosphere. And I'll be getting paid too!!!!
Hi, just wanted to let you know that I am self employed and work between two and three days a week as a tech in a tanning and beauty salon and I give my salon owner 20% of my takings and supply all my own products. I have been here for 7 months and it works quite well, except I am only tech here and ideally I may have to work an extra day as I am fully booked for next month and can't take on any new clients. Before this I worked in beauty salon for 2 years as a tech working 2 days a week and still gave owner 20% of my earnings and provided my own products. I wouldn't work for anything less. Self employed is definitely the way to go.

I have been at the a tanning shop in city of london for over three years now and all my thanks go to my mum she was the one who gave me the push i needed to find a job that i enjoy and i do enjoy what i do. :D
I enjoy meeting new people and have been told so many times that i would be great as a red coat because i am mad and get on well with people and love being a big kid at times. I enjoy being self employed and as i only work four days a week i get a day at home to do what i and see my friends. That also means i can swap days around if i need to do anything and when its busy i can then do five days. Hope it all went well kelly a salon is great to meet people and have different walls to look at :D but other workers can get on your nerves at times as i have found a few times :D (mum knows who :D )
Anyway kelly go get 'em girl :gun:

luv faye xx
I'm glad to say I got the job :D They seemed really impressed with the full set I did and they've asked if I can start today as they've got 2 full sets for me to do! :? I've only got to go in for them 2 but who knows, they may get more booking s for me later on.

Now we come to the pay - it's £5.50 p/h with 10% of every treatment we do and everything we sell. I'm not worried about earning loads and loads as this is just extra for me cos I'll still be doing my own clients at home that way I'm not losing out on anything. ;)

There's only one other nail technician there so it's just the two of us. The only problem is I think she's a bit slapdash so I've told her that I'll work the way I normally do as I don't want to start bad habits! :rolleyes:

Anyway, I'll let you all know how it goes. For those of you going to Olympia tomorrow, I hope to see you there. Come and visit me on stand N751. C ya.
Hey Kelly,

Pleased to hear you got the job and even more pleased that you were strong enough to say, in a round about way, that you won't be sending any old c**p away from your table :shock: :shock: :shock: Anyway, by the sounds of it, you'll be nicking all the other girl's clients before she can say 'FAB NAILS'.

Well done you :D


PS. Good luck for today
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