New LED Shellac lamp broke! (from Ellisons)


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Feb 21, 2012
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I purchased the LED shellac lamp from ellisons on May 2nd 2015 and it has already broke! I done a clients shellac this morning and it was fine, however when I was doing my second clients shellac nails the lamp just wouldn't turn on!

I have emailed ellisons and hopefully they will get back to me and send me a replacement as it was exspensive, but does anyone know where I stand with this as it's under a year so do they have to send me a replacement? Just worried as I do not want to fork out even more money.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Kayla x
Should be cover under warranty but they may want it back for testing. Probably better to call them rather than wait for an email as it gives them chance to get it sorted quicker for you.
I would suggest phoning them before they close today. The light should still be under warranty.
My shellac LED light has been trouble free so far - purchased October 2015 from Ellisons.
In the past if I have had any faulty items I have rung Ellisons direct. They then sent out a replacement item asap.
They raise an invoice for the item they send out but you send back your faulty item and then your account is credited.

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