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Dec 7, 2015
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Hi guys

After 3 years of building my client base and a year of viewings, I have found a great new premises.

I viewed it at the start of November and we have agreed terms and currently discussing planning. My solicitor is involved since last week but there's not been much progression.

Can anybody advise how long this process can take? I am worried about loosing the premises due to the landlord having to apply for planning etc.

Any advise would be appreciated!

There are a few threads about this but for me I viewed in October/November time and got the keys on Valentines day.

I'm afraid you do wonder what the hell they do to take all that time. We didn't even need to apply for planning.

Good luck with it all x
Not just me then! The landlord has tried to avoid the planning. Can I ask how come you didn't need to? May be different guidelines for different councils.
If it already has planning for your use you don't reapply x
Ah that's brilliant it already had the planning in place. Thanks for your reply! X

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