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Apr 26, 2003
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hi ya girls and guys!!!
im opening my new salon on the 22nd august and i would like to know what kind of opening offers etc any of you have done........
im having a nail bar and 2 fast tan sunbeds, airbrush tanning, airbrushed nail art, spa manicures and pedicures, solar manicures, parafin wax, heated mitts and booties etc etc..........

Vicky :o
we opened our salon only a week ago. we placed an advert in the local rag at a cost of £250+vat....outch. Our offer was 20% discount if you book and pre pay for your appointment on our opening weekend. We were open on Saturday all day & Sunday 10-3. The advanced bookings were enough to cover the cost of the advert twice. Ill e-mail you a copy of the ad for you perusal MDT
Hi Vicky,

Just wondering who you are getting your fast tan sun beds from and how much a week they are costing you? I am hoping to go into business with a hairdresser next year and we were thinking about installing a fast tan bed if the lease was not too expensive.

Sharon 8)
hi either getting my beds off helionova (most expensive), tansun (ok) or sunquest...(the best i fink and the best priced)....they cost about £6k plus vat, but can go up to £ me at [email protected] for more details...ile give u the websites and info then......vicx
Well it has to be product in my book...........
Maybe depends on how much you want to spend ?????
maybe something like this:...............

Opening offer: Give them a voucher to be redeemed against a retail product.............Like £ 5.00 off for on the scentsations.

Retailed at £12.95 but will cost you only £6.50 so you are only giving about £1.50 away ....
Or a voucher for Tanning..................
Or do this for any item of your choice.......................
The list is endless ...................
Hope this helps
love Ruth xxxx
when i opened my salon i had an open day on the saturday we put fliers up advertising a free glass of bubbly and a free trial nail this proved very popular also for each full set booked on that day we gave a free pinkie bottle of solar oil we have got alot of custom from it and they have remained regular clients

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