new service menu. Oh help! I feel sick!


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carrie g

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Mar 26, 2007
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Hi, I have just received my new treatment menu from the printers and they have made some terrible spelling mistakes. long story shortened:-

I sent all the text and pictures to the company to put together over a month ago, they told me it would take a week at most to get them out to me and charged me an upfront artwork fee of £60.

Then they lost all interest after sending the first proof, which was not at all what I had asked for.

Eventually after many emails from me chasing them and several other proofs being sent, with them not listening to any of my directions (and me being without a price list for 3 weeks), I sent them the artwork that they seemed unable to do (just the front page) and I signed it off.

The pricelists just arrived, and are full of spelling errors such as "relax on our warn (should be warm) couch!! I know its probably quite funny, but I just feel sick.

The price of this glossy, full colour 12 page price list is over £700 for 500 copies, and thats with a 10% discount for the delay.

I signed the artwork off, not really proof-reading as the copy I sent to them had been proof-read by about 6 people and all they had to do was put the pictures to the text.

Do I have any come back? What on earth do I do?

Hi Carrie,almost the same thing happened to me a long time ago now,I designed my own price list,listed all the treatments,giving brief description of what the treatments involved,my qualifications,told them what colour I wanted etc,when I got it back OMG I was mortified.

It was the most sickly 2 shades of pink imaginable,terrible spelling mistakes,over cluttered because they had put the 3 contact numbers I had given them(for the printers to contact me,once the price list completed)On the front of the price list,it was absolutely awful.

I had asked for cream and tan colours and the whole thing looked like a 5 year old had put it together.

I didn't pay anything up front thank God and tbh once I saw the proof enough was enough.I never got back to the printers over it,I just could NOT have that rubbish for my business,anyway..if it were me,make an appointment with them,tell them your concerns and tell them if they dont do as you ask you would like your money back.

I know they have spent the time on the brochure but if they cant follow your instructions then they are not doing their job correctly are they?Its like paying up front a decorator to paint your front room,you ask for Magnolia and you come back and they have put woodchip wallpaper all over it,what would you expect???/Your money back,if these people dont do the job correctly you deserve nothing less than your money back,well...IMHO:lol:
Have you paid the balance yet?
What exactly have you signed off?
I used to work as a graphic artist for a printers and the company should have checked for simple spelling mistakes as a matter of course.
Someone obviously didn't do this.
If you signed it off, you won't have any come back. You could ask them to re-print at cost for you as a gesture of good will.

If you proof read and agreed the text and it was correct; as long as you can prove that the text was agreed, you might have a come back.
Have you paid the balance yet?
What exactly have you signed off?
I used to work as a graphic artist for a printers and the company should have checked for simple spelling mistakes as a matter of course.
Someone obviously didn't do this.

No. I have not paid the balance yet. The spelling is shocking, moisteriser anybody!!! Andy skin type!!

Do you think that if I simply refuse to use them and send them all back, I have a leg to stand on?

Would it be worth me talking to the federation of small businesses to find out my rights before speaking to them on monday?
We always had a copy of exactly what the customer requested word for word. That had been signed.
If any mistakes happened that were not on the proof (a copy was with the company and the customer) then it was up to the company to reprint and foot the bill.
It all depends on what you've signed mate.
I'd ring them asap and speak to them about it.
Just a really big thank-you especially to Judy. I phoned the printers today and got fobbed off with the old 'you ok'd the proof, tough luck', so I took my complaint to the manager, who told me they would get back to me.
Luckily I have free legal advice and was told that due to the fact I was not told of the terms and conditions and that the spelling errors were of the non-technical type, that I should just refuse to pay and let them take it to small claims, where I would have a very strong case. Yippee!
I phoned the company back and they have apologised and are reprinting for free, with all the errors corrected.

I hope this helps some of you, I have learnt that I need to get everything proof read properly.

This c***k up would have cost me £800 and my business more. But instead it has just cost me my day off. Thank goodness!
Glad you got it sorted out mate x
Good news, glad it worked out ok. x

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