New Tech - Q of the Day! Filing off Gels.


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New Tech

Jul 14, 2003
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Hey there all of you!!!

Here it is:

When I'm filing my gels off....I'm finding it difficult to file everything off without compromising the natural nail. Does everyone else get everything off....or is there always going to be a small amount left on? If I try to get everything off...whatever free edge I have is bendable. What grit should I be using?
Thanks...oh, world of experts!!
Hi there,

When I have to file the gel off (not very often tho :shock: ), I always leave some on to protect the natural nail which had been used to have the extension on. That protective layer is very thin and will usually peel off or wear off on its own. I use about 3 or 4 up&down with a banana file from the apex to the free edge to thin the apex down (I think its a 180 grit), extremely light pressure. Then I switch to the outblack buffer, starting with the coarser side then the smoother one. And I finish with the Koala buffer.
Good splash of cuticule oil, quick hand massage et voila!! ;)
Out of interest, why do you file the gel off?
Well, since I'm new at being a tech...I still have lifting problems and fitting my tips on properly. Sometimes my tips at the sidewalls are lifting and then the next thing you nails look awful and coming off. So...since I believe that the only way I'm going to get this down is by practice...practice....and more practice.
Thanks for the advice. I was starting to think myself that I would leave on a fine layer...because if I go all the way nails look worse off than when I started.
I just filed my last set off and my nail beds are sore and red and all chalky looking. I'm going to take your advice and always leave a fine layer on!!
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