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May 15, 2024
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West Yorkshire
Hello and thanks for adding me.
I am looking to invest in a hybrid brow stain kit. I’m looking for recommendations, as I have a client who is frightened of semi permanent brow tattoos, but wants something to last her for 2 weeks while she is on holiday, as she barely has any brow hair. Thanks.
There are no legal products that will stain the brow skin for this long. Everything stains like a tanning product and it wears off in the same way. Skin cells are constantly being shed and there’s nothing that can penetrate deep into the skin to last 2 weeks. A henna brow tint can superficially stain the skin for a few days and the effect will last longer if she doesn’t scrub her brows and uses a nice brow oil daily.

Indian henna mehindi is applied for up to 24 hours to “horny” skin: the sides of the hands and feet. This skin doesn’t shed very fast and doesn’t get scrubbed so you can get the “tattoo” to last 2 weeks but the facial skin doesn’t last this long so it won’t work on the brows. There are products that promise staining but these will have high (illegal) concentrations of toxic chemicals that can cause a really nasty skin irritation and possibly set off an allergic reaction. They are very dangerous and they’ll fry the last remaining brow hairs.

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