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Jun 14, 2006
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I'm looking into buying a new couch next year and just wondered if anyone had any good suggestions.
I have a small treatment room and have seen a couch in HOF ( called the skinmate elite) which looks like it would be perfect. It looks really adaptable and the leg bit even goes vertical, which would be perfect to use with pedicures.
The only thing is I wonder if its strong enough to do Swedish massage on as you need a good working weight for firmer massage. I will get in contact with the manufactures, but just wondered if anyone else has used it.
I have only tried marshcouches company in the past, they are very reliable.
I have a Massage Couch for sale and, due to me emigrating to Spain at the end of January, I need to get rid of a lot of stuff

Anyone interested? Please get in touch ASAP

Just bumping my thread up!

I had a client today (large male for body massage) and as he turned over the couch made a horrible noise. I check all the joints and bolts on it regularly, so I new it wasn't that. When I checked it after he'd left, the wood base under the sponge is splitting, so I'm going to have to get a new one in the next few days:cry:.

As I said in my original thread it needs to be very strong and height adjustable (for different treatments). I would like an electrical one but finances aren't allowing, so please has anyone got any suggestions?

I've trawled the internet, but they are always very shifty on the working weight and I need something that other people can recommend.
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