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Nov 6, 2007
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I was just wondering if anyone could offer me some advice, I am looking to book the foundation course for Acrylic System with Creative Nail this month. I have trained with NSI as college but this was a couple of years ago and never carried on with it.

I was just wondering after having done this, how to take this up as a career. I currently have a full time job, so was thinking about getting a Saturday job to get some experience, as I know practise makes perfect.


Another question the course is 3 days on the run, then 1 day 2 weeks later, then 1 day a few weeks later do you know how much practical works is covered in this, and anyone who has done this course were you confident enough to work in a salon after it?

thanks in advance
I did the creative foundation course and I can tell you my experience of this:

The course is mostly practical. there is a written assessment and a small amount of the course is allocated to theoretical learning, but since you only have a small amount of time, the classroom time is dedicated mostly to practical tuition and practice. Having said that, there is lots of theoretical stuff to learn and you do need to pass the theory exam no matter how good your nails are. You get a folder on day one with the info in there and you are expected to revise this in your own time. My advice to you would be to not underestimate the importance of the theory side as it really is important both while learning and afterwards when you are working.
The course is hard work but fun, personally I found that the most difficult thing was getting your day 4 and 5 models to keep their promise and turn up on the day for you!! get someone reliable for this is my advice.

So, having completed the foundation course, in my opinion you will not be at salon standard. I thought I would be, and fully intended to finish day 5 then rent a nail table, simple as that. this doesnt happen. Whilst doing the course I was practising on a daily basis (including the gaps between days 3/4/5), and after I finished, I needed to allow myself a bit more practice time before I had enough confidence in my work to go mobile, which I have recently done. I would say that if you can get a spot as a trainee in a salon for a while, even just for the odd day, it will be really valuable to you.

Anyway I will stop rambling at you now! Good luck :green:

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