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May 26, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland
Hi all,

:oops: New to this board and alsonew to the world of nails.
I have just started my Foundation Course with Creative Nails and I am enjoying it very much. :D
Was hoping that maybe some one on the board can help me out with some extra notes, advice, tips and mainly the exams. As I said just started so won't be doing the exams for a few weeks, :( but I'm worried sick over them, silly really.
Any help would be great.
Thanks :)
Hello finzo and welcome to the geeks hideout!

You will receive all the necessary information to help you pass your assessment at the end of the course, from your tutor. We do not prepare you to fail, but do everything we can to help you to be successful.

You will have All you need to know ... don't stress!
hi newbie, i am a fellow newbie also doing my exam in a couple of weeks also getting a bit stressed about it ,where are you training ,i am training at leeds, having a bit of bother with my overlays going a bit yellow i thought it was the monomer but now i have been advised it could be the brush have you encountered any of this?
well you`ve only got to look over a few older posts to see that I was very much in your position only a few weeks ago and did I stress.You can`t possibly get more nervous than I was but its not so bad (I can say that now I`ve calmed down)
The tutor does pretty much prepare you for most of it, on the morning of the test, she showed us a rebalance and asked us questions while she was doing it. There were only a couple of things that were in the test that surprised me and I hadn`t taken a lot of studying over.
If you want to email me privately I`ll tell you some of the questions but please don`t ask me for the answers, you do have to study
debbiepromotions said:
If you want to email me privately I`ll tell you some of the questions but please don`t ask me for the answers, you do have to study

Hmmm Deb - I don't think that is such a good idea... infact we are re-doing the entire assessment due to what I have been reading on all the boards!! I did the FDFC in 1992 and I NEVER had the advantage of knowing Q's before the exam - even though it was my mum who taught me :shock: We don't put questions in to trip students up, we teach and we test your knowledge and the Ambassadors MAKE SURE you have what you need to know BEFORE the assessment!! I don't think any new student going through ANY course never mind CND classes - deserves to have unfair advantages as in knowing questions before hand. A while ago I posted (maybe unwisely :rolleyes: as I now look back - but it was meant in a jesture of fun, spirit and excitement) "just think, 'what is a chemical' - a little help...nothing wrong in that but PLEASE - no giving people unfair advatages over others!!! :oops: Some will most definitely call it cheating :oops: We wouldn't want that now would we girls!!! Thanks for listenng! ;)
Another kick up the back-side........Message read and understood......
Only trying to make someone feel better about the assessment but you`re right, I wouldn`t want to be accused of helping someone cheat. I won`t offer again.
Hi all,
Its been awhile since I posted to the board. :oops:

Well I can say I'm no longer a newbie to the world of nails. :D
Seat my written exam on saturday here in Ireland and I'm just waiting on a phone call to let me know if I passed or failed. Then I go on to do the pratical exam next Monday. 8)
The written exam believe it or not was not all that bad :D . As Ms greek said you are given all you need to know before the exams and if you study all the notes you will do just fine. Like Debs I was taken back by one or two questions :? but in the end I answeared them as best I could. :)
What I would say to anyone who is worried or stressed out over them is to sit back take it one question at a time and read it through. If you are not sure of the answear take a quick note and move on to the next question.
Believe me once you have done the exam you will think to yourself how silly it was to make yourself sick with worry, I know I did plus the fact I had alot going on at the same time didn't help much.

Take care and enjoy the course, because it is woth it in the end. :D :D :D :D
so much for your positive reply!!! Best of luck! :thumbsup:
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