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Aug 4, 2003
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Hello all!
Newbie here!
Just wondering if this site is aimed towards helping techs of Acrylics or is help out there for those that do gels as well??
Hi Irishmisty

Welcome to the board! There are other sites out there, but the people on this site i have found to be the most knowledgable!

Different technicians use different products, the one that is right for them, be that gel ,L&P, fibreglass or silk. You will find alot will use all of them, so ask away, there will always be someone to help with any questions you may have. I for one have gained oodles of knowledge and will continue to soak up as much as I can!

best wishes
Sue x D
Welcome to the board.................
Well any Nail question, will be answered , if we have the answer and we usualy do ........
No this board is for all nail systems, Gel, Fibre/Silk, Fabric# and L&P and natural nail care...... So no one is made to feel left out............
Also health and saftey, product information, Contract, well anything related to the industry...............
No question, how ever small or silly it might seem to you, is that...........
We help each other, thats the name of the game here ........
So enjoy, sit back, have a drink and read and please post
Ruth xxxxxxxxxxx
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