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Nov 10, 2003
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Hi All please help!

I was made redundant in October and decided to do something I enjoyed with the money I received, so I am training to become a nail tech!

I'm startin an OPI training course in a few weeks and wondered if any of you had been on this and if so wot did you think of it? I've already done a City & Guilds in Manicure and I'm hoping to start workin for myself.
Should I offer a mobile service or work at home? Where can I get a cheap table? Does it take long to build up business?

I am going to print my own leaflets when I'm qualified and deliver them, is there any other advice you can offer me?

Also will I be able to make this a full - time job, will I make enough money to live on?

Sorry for all the questions :D
Hi love,
Well if the OPI training course is a good as the Creative one, then you will be fine...............but saying that..........this will be only the foundation to enhancements............ There will be loads more courses and loads more
learning to be done.....Most of the Techs on this board, go to training courses or classes after their foundation.............this is vital, it will help you to perfect skills, improve troubleshooting areas...... Keeps you updated on new products and their application really the learning never stops..................

As you already have your manicure Qualification you have a nice base for advancement.................

On mobile or home based........... that's up to could also do both if need be...............

Nail Tables/Stations well the best I can suggest is do a search on the internet there are hundreds of options.......

Will you make a living...yes if you are good you will............. you get out of of it what you are willing to put into it..............
100% commitment will give you a great chance to earn some decent money...............

just a thought
love Ruth xxx
Hi there

Just thought i would let you know on what has happenend since i have trained - I am a mobile tech and have been for a few months now. To set myself up i have advertised and leaflet dropped put posters up - this has worked so far but still trying to get more clientele! I think it is not an overnight thing and you have to work hard and train hard if you want it to work.

I bought my mobile nail table with drawer from Sallys Hair and Beauty for £69.00 - it folds down and easy to carry (except now finding it hard now im pregnant!!) I have therefore now bought a trolley to load all my cases and table on and it works!.

This site has been a great help to me since i have trained there are great technicians who are happy to pass on their help and experience for us newbies!!!! -

Good luck

Thank you both for your advice, I can't wait to start the course i'm really excited!

When I spoke to the educator she told me that they will be starting the NVQ next year which you can do in your own time within a year and then you take assessments. Would it be advisable to do this next?

I'm also going to a pedicure workshop on Saturday, do you do many pedicures?

I know its going to be hard work to build up a business but I am committed, I don't want to go back to working in an office it bores me senseless!

Thanks again for the advice, will let you know how it goes :D
Are OPI running the NVQ course or your Manicure Course people.
If you can let me know, would be v. grateful as I'd like to get my NVQ.
Just a thought
Why not give the ANT a call, the have SAC centres, that cater for the NVQ, they should be able to give you the location nearest assessment centre.

love Ruth xxxx
hi ya...
ive been on lots of different nail courses but the only company ive had any support from whether it be on the geek board or on the phone has been creative...
creative are also the only courses that ive actually felt has been money well spent...the other were a waste of time and money and a big con...but i keep going back to creative and i am starting from scratch again next week by doing the fdfc at manchester...
ive trained with star nails, essential nails, the training academy (well thats what they call themselves - the biggest con of them all) and bio sculpture (very happy with bio sculpture but feel that longer was needed on the course and also too many people were on the course in my opinion), however all these companys put together and still creative comes out on top for me...i love moving to a big city next month so im starting from scratch coz i want to be one of the best and in a city like york there is lots of nail bars etc so i will need to be up there with the rest of them if im to get any sort of career out of nails for myself...well thats how i feel about it anyway...and im not afraid to start from scratch again either...i cant wait to start the course...i think im addicted to study coz im also in my 3rd year of a degree and i cant get enough of or not i still prefer nails...
vicky :D
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