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Mar 8, 2004
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:) Hello there, as you can see haven't got a clue what i'm meant to be doing but i,gonna give it a go! Came across this site by chance trying to get all the info i can on anything to do with nails,as an avid fan on tips/acrylics & having worn them for yrs i've decided to give it a go.Having watched what the nail techs do i decided to teach myself then my friends got involved before i new it i had a little business going.Having been a hairdresser for 20yrs {and hey i'm a good looking 40yr old} i've decided to pack hairdressing in altogether & do a home learn course,but i'm still working full time in the tanning industry, as well as a family life. So any info in any field would be most hopefull i think i need all the help i can get! Also haven't got a clue about computers but my 12yr old daughter helps ! Soooooo cum on u lot give me a hand on y own ere ! xxxxxx Love Jackie.m :rolleyes:
Welcome! there are lots of home learn courses avalible, essintial nails do a good one! also you can do 2-3 day courses! xxxx p.s please post this in main discussions xxxxx
Jackie - do a SEARCH on education - this will give you some clues as to where the girls and guys on the board have had their education and what they think! Welcome, learn and enjoy!! You may also want to subscribe to a Pro Nail magazine - coices are Pro Nails, Scratch and Nails - all are excellent!! For numbers, just do a SEARCH!
Thanx for the info Mrs Geek will do that. I've started the Essential nail's home learn course but have also decided after this to get in the classroom & do a creative course, as many as i can get under my belt so to speak ! Love Jackie . m xx
:) Hi Kimberley, Thanx for your info but i'm still trying to master this pc & not doing very well,trying to type fast with 2 fingers & the 3rd one jump's in & deletes everything ! But going back to nail's got my Essential nail's home learn course started it but the size of the brush is massive can't get on with it so i'll have to nip to the wholesaler's & get a different one. But have decided to go on a classroom course 1 aswell after this just to get a bit more under my belt as i'm a perfectionest typical virgo ! How long have you been into nails & got any tip's for someone coming onto the scene a bit late in life ! Love Jackie.m;)
Jackie i am doing the essentials gel one just started it and hoping to go to creative at the back end of the year to do a foundation course as i cant get away until then.

I have also had to buy a new brush as i couldnt get away with the one they sent.
Know what you mean, i'm gonna use my brush to paint me wall's with !! I have got a brush but that's too small so i'll have to go spend some money 2moz ! Yummy Yummy that's what i do best xxx
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