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Feb 12, 2012
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Earith, Cambs
I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place or not, but just after a bit of advice on the next steps for my business.

I currently do natural nails, but not sure if i should do spray tan or waxing next.

Any opinions are appriciated

Defiantly spray tans I used to just do nails as soon as I completed my spray tan training and felt confident to do it on paying customers there was so much demand alot more than I imagine there is for waxing
Nails and tan fit well together and then waxing I would say! I would research thoroughly! (lots of good tanning threads on the Skin forum) and best of luck xx

I would say tanning as nails and tans go together very well, I also find that tanning is all year round where with waxing seems to be more seasonal! You will have regulars but I think you would make more money tanning.

Good Luck

Sunless Solutions
Thanks everyone

I'll pop over to the skin forum and take a look. Looks like spray tans it is

Thanks x
I seem to find we are doing more waxing treatment/training than we are doing spray tanning.
At the moment i am really busy with tans - and as someone already said, its a pretty easy one to feel confident in!

My second busiest treatment is waxing and i have my regular ladies so this treatment is def worth having under your belt!

Good luck, if you are based in Sounth east i can recommedn star beauty schools for training!

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