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Jun 11, 2011
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I had a new client the other day who whilst looking through my facebook pictures,asked me how much i charge for the 'nail wraps', i dont offer nail wraps and glanced over at which pic she was looking at.
It was a pic of some nail art i did on myself a few weeks ago,i told her that they were not wraps and that it was just some free hand nail art and she looked well impressed and i was very flattered.
Just wanted to share.
Would love to hear any other compliment stories :)
I went to see the doctors las t week for a blood test and the nurse that was doing it noticed my nails straight away i had lime green rockstar nails at the time. She asked if she could have a card as her daughter would love nails like that and kept saying the whole time i love that colour, i can't get over how nice your nails are :D

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