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Ok so just left my last client. What a flippin pain in the arse that was she wanted full head 22/24” tips. No problem colour match via photo ( as she is in an area I don’t usually travel to but my husbands fire station is there so two birds etc. ) not ideal but colour match is good she’s Ill so bedroom is a million degrees. On we go no problem. Get to mid section. No don’t want any at front. Ok. Don’t want any past mid section at back. Ok so we won’t fit in this full head if I can’t go forward or high? Starts to complain too far forward ( they are back of ear now) so finish and blend and curl. Doesn’t want any kind of parting so how I feather at the front I do not know anyway. She tells me it’s too flat doesn’t blend etc. I really am not paying if I’m not happy. ( I saw this coming a few rows back) so I razor more layers in to blend even more and I can clearly see it blends no problem ( won’t let me take a photo, flicks all her hair to one side and says “see u can see my hair?” What the flip??!!
Long story short charged her for the three quarter we eventually did and left bloody sharpish..... I’m expecting further drama .. so do I just block her now??
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I would block her ! I’m sorry but waiting for a message would cause me anxiety. Plus your not going to redo her hair


Clients like this are what puts me off! If you have any issue I would just say extentions obviously aren't for you! Do not refund her anything.. But Hopefully you won't hear anything


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I’ve blocked her! It was such a horrendous experience I’m not willing to even talk to her again! She had just had bum surgery in Turkey and was telling me she “fucked off home early as they pissed me off” ... erm ... I’m thinking she probably caused an issue and then left. I really think she was trying to start an argument so she didn’t have to pay? It was the strangest experience ever. I stood looking at her perfectly blended extensions thinking ‘what are u talking about?!!?!’


Some people want things for free , good on you for blocking her! Hope that’s the last you hear from her :)


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She had just had bum surgery in Turkey and was telling me she “fucked off home early as they pissed me off” ... erm ...
I can’t even begin to imagine...:eek::eek:


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I assume she was a new client ? I know the type ! the fact she had cosmetic surgery and was recovering should have warned you that she is not in the right frame of mind. Having a invasive surgery with aesthetic takes it out you you both physically and mentally.

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Block her and update your terms and conditions. Before and after photos are to be taken and are in line with GDPR. No refunds given. Any additional alterations after the fitting appointment are charged by the hour plus extra products/hair.

We charge by the hour, since this has been in place. We have had no messing about from awkward clients. We take non refundable booking fee (half of the total order) they sign the T&C upon checkout. This way they know what is expected before the appointment. Xx