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May 15, 2012
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North wales
Hiya, I was spray tanning a client last week when she informed me she had 'forgotten' to put knickers on! How would you spray 'down there'??? X thanks x
Maybe best to buy some disposable paper knickers for clients to wear when spray tanning
If a client decides to go naked for a tan you would just spray as normal.
Me too spray as normal. I do lots of fully naked ladies. Doesnt bother me. Im the same and prefer to have no tan lines

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I have the paper knicker option available, but also do lots of 'knickerless' ladies, I just spray as normal xx
Thanks guys, I have the paper knickers too but she seemed insistent on wearing nothing, do you spray right under the client? Xx thanks
No, you spray as normal - you do nothing more or differently than you would on a client wearing knickers.
Thanks guys xx
I always have paper knickers too but lots go knicker less doesn't bother me at all lol I just spray as normal. Xxx
I had my first spate of naked ladies last week and it was fine, you just spray as normal. Certainly don't make them feel odd for wanting no tan lines - making them feel comfortable is the key!
Spray as normal. I have lots of ladies who prefer not to have any tan lines:)
Thanks everyone, xxx
I had a friend who turned up for a tan with no knickers on after a mutual friend told her she didn't need any!
I don't have paper pants as I always advise customers to wear their own so she ended up wearing a pair of mine.
Now she is a size 8 and I am a 20 - I told her to keep them.

I have a few ladies that prefer to go naked and I just spray as normal xx
Lol I would love to have seen that but I would have rather sprayed her naked than give my nicks away and I would never have wanted them back lol xxx

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