Non mint flavoured toothpaste?


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Mar 12, 2013
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Hi geeks,

Odd question i know but i hate mint toothpaste. It really burns my mouth and leaves a nasty bitter taste.

Im after a toothpaste that is not mint flavoured but still has fluoride in and hopefully xylitol as thats supposed to be great at preventing cavaties too. Does anyone have any suggestions?
My sister can't stand anything mint flavoured including toothpaste as it makes her gag.

She used to buy hers exclusively from health food shops but I think most large supermarkets have non mint flavoured options now so there's a lot more choice available.
It seems to be children's toothpaste comes in different flavours these days, I saw some in the chemist the other day whilst waiting in the queue. I think it was Dora The Explorer, and was strawberry flavoured, not very grown up in your bathroom cupboard but who cares ;)

i'll see if i can find a link...
My mum couldn't cope with mint flavours when on chemo. I think she got a nice passion fruit one from Holland and Barratt.

We only have a small store so have to be ordered in. But the staff were pretty helpful I think. X
Euthymol might be a possibility - I don't think that has mint in off-hand, but it's probably worth checking the ingredients. I don't think it has fluoride either though.

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