non soak off gel removal help please?


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Feb 8, 2003
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I have a client coming in on thursday - she is going to be a new client and i spoke to her on the phone and she wants silkwraps and tips applied - however she asked if i used a drill - which i dont and said her current salon uses one and her nails are red and sore. she has what she said was a non soakable off gel (i know thats not correct spelling
/grammer) on at the moment so she wants me to remove them! now i have little experience in this as i always use a soak offable product! am i going to be there all night gently buffing this product off before i even begin her treatment or is there a solution to this - help appreciated as always
to remove the gels u need to remove any of the tip remaining
buff the gel off with your file
but leave a very thin layer on the nail, that should protect it a bit
then apply your next product as usual
i use a non soakable gel and i can remove a set in about 15 mins with out any damage to the natural nail but i leave a very thin layer on the nail
i then finish the nail by buffing it to a shine!
just take your time and relax

I don't want to sound too pesamistic but are YOU sure it is gel - again I don't want to stereotype but I have had a couple of clients that have been told they have a non soak off gel and drill damage and in my opinion they had MMA, and if this is the case you will be there at least an hour so watch out!

I know not all mma users cause drill damage and I also know not all drill users use mma and I know not not all drill users cause damage and I know you can cause redness and soreness with a manual file - but I just wanted you to know what had happened to me.

Good luck
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