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May 9, 2012
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I only have a few normal polishes at mo about 5 opi as only have a few clients and only ever do shellac. However I am about to do a leaflet drop (first proper advertising scAry)! So do you think I should get bit more of a selection? Was going to get some vinylux as have tried it and love but should I go for matching colours to the shellac I have or just go for the intro set? Also im a bit nervous about being asked normal polish in case I mess up its sooo much easier to polish with shellac! Is it just practice makes perfect? Thankyou
Once you got the hang of it, vinylux is very easy to apply. You just have to know how to apply, then practice makes perfect. I should start with the most asked shellac colours and the vinylux starterkit.
Thankyou for your reply yes think il prob go for the intor kit and the new winter colours as they seem most popular shellac and Add from there :) x

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