Not sure whether to take the plunge!


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May 6, 2012
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Ive read so many positive posts about tanning on here it really makes me want to have a go and start my own little mobile set up.

But I crossed over to the business forum bit and it also seems people are struggling to get work etc

I was going to order my kit today!

Im a little worried :eek::confused:
There seem to be so many people starting up spray tanning thinking it is going to be easy and make them a fortune and quickly find out that it isn't.

Do some research in your area, see what competition is around and what they are charging. Some mobile techs in my area are charging £8 per tan because they feel competition is so strong that is what they have to charge to obtain business.

Now take into consideration your time, your products, disposables, fuel , advertising, aftercare leaflets, now that £8 is very quickly whittled down to not very much!
I agree with Joe90 but dont be too disheartened. There are plenty new technicians about and it can be difficult to make ends meet at the beginning. If you are serious about being your own boss and building up a loyal client base you will earn money but you have to be patient. I think the main difference is that now we really have to rely on our reputations and quality of work because there are so many out there arent really very good. The good ones will stay, the bad ones will fold.

So all you can do is try to be the best you can, offer a GREAT service, Excellent after care and a tan that brings new clients through word of mouth. The peak tanning time is now starting with Weddings, Proms Holidays etc so get insured, practice on everyone and get out there spraying paying customers as soon as your confidence is there.
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