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Aug 23, 2013
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I have been using nsi attraction liquid and powder since I started doing nails.
When I do nails in my house or mobile a lot of clients or client's family can not stand the smell.
Will the spa monomer by nsi be okay to use with attraction powder as normal?
I don't want it to discolour or the nails not to last as long with lifting or breaking.
Can anyone help please?
Thank you
I also use nsi. I really want to use the spa liquid as I cannot stand the smell and the captors effect my astmah. I spoke to my tutor a few weeks ago( I'm level 2 qualified and part way through level 3). She said the monomer is slightly gel like in consistency and it takes longer to set. I've also read that it can cause a little lifting but lifting can of course be down to a lot of things so I think it's best to try it maybe on yourself? In sure if nails prepped and primed it should be fine. Also I do know it does have uv inhibitors in to stop yellowing :D hope this helps a little
That's so helpful, thank you :D I'll have to try it I think and just see how it goes with a small bottle :)

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