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May 1, 2006
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Bradwell, Norfolk UK
Has anyone used NSI Polish Pro successfully without 'etching' or 'removing' the shine from the nail successfully? I love NSI and its products, just not happy about filing the natural nail, does it last as long without doing this?
I went to NSI for the training for this product and the trainer was adamant you must always take the shine off the whole nail in order for image product to really adhere to the nail plate and last the whole two - three weeks. That being said you do only have to use a very low grit hand file, so not much damage to natural nail

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Thanks for your reply! Do you know the main differences between the base coats? The normal base coat, the endure base coat and now the new base coat plus?
No problem,

I sure do. The trainer said that the base coat plus is the one she would always use as the main base coat. She said that it adds more adhesion making the application last longer.

The endure base coat is for clients who's nails are prone to breaking, peeling and are a little thin. It just gives more strength to the overall nail. Xx

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excellent! Thank you honey x
You're very welcome xx

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I have used the entire Polish Pro line since it's launch and I have found that I do not need to buff the natural nail in prep for most of my clients.
If you do your prep thoroughly and correctly, use the right tools and products it is easily achievable to have services last upwards of 2 weeks
please bear in mind that PP (like most gel polish brands) is only marketed as a 14 day manicure and I would suggest, if you are new to this business and are still ironing out any prep problems, I would suggest still buffing the nails first until you can get your prep to be 100%.
Even when I do buff the nail, I never found the need to etch the nail ever, is all that is needed is a very light buff with the Endurance buffer and then of course thorough and correct prep work.
Your prep work should involve:
Vanish, Cleanse, Nail Pure, a curette and a Plush Brush.
Don't be shy about using your wipes correctly, too many techs use one wipe for each hand of fingers, I always use one wipe per 2 fingers, I use one side to wipe nail then fold in half to get clean side of wipe and re-load with a small amount of product and wipe next nail with clean side of wipe then throw out that wipe and get a new one and repeat.
If you think about it logically, if you use the one wipe and that same side on all 5 nails (and some techs use it on all 10) is all you are doing is spreading the product (you are trying to clean off) onto the next nail and so on.
trust me:) try using your wipes this way and I promise you, you will find a difference.
If you do not own a curette, I highly suggest you purchase one. I truly believe the only way to achieve a thorough clean if with a curette and Vanish (or whatever brand of cuticle remover your brand is).
I also suggest you do not mix brands, if you are using NSI PP, then you should be using all NSI prep products as all these products were formulated and tested to work together to give optimum performance.
So the bottom line is, you do not need to etch the nail at all for PP, just a very light buff and thorough prep is needed, if you can get your prep right, your PP services will last.

In regards to the base coats, I have now totally changed over to the new Base Coat Plus for all my clients with non problematic nails and for the ones who have peeling, chipping etc, I always use Endure.
The Base Coat Plus is fantastic but it must be applied in a thin layer or soak time takes longer.
I do have clients that last upwards of 4 weeks when I use Base Coat Plus but I do not encourage this length of time between services and I have now started to book these clients in for the (max) 3 week mark. As for the other clients who I use Base Coat Plus on, I can't recall the last client who returned with any problems, their nails are always intact and it's the growth that the clients dislike and usually they are wanting a color change by the 2 week mark.

Get your prep down pat and I'm sure you will love the PP range as much as me and many other happy techs:)
Thanks! That has really helped me! Very informative.

Many thanks
Thanks so much for the info on Polish Pro Wooshka. I use exclusively NSI products both for Gel Polish and Acrylics on clients but had a few "teething" problems but im pleased to say most of them are sorted now and it was due to my prep issues :-/ I too can vouch for using the whole system and the importance of that, it really does work rather than mixing and matching with other brands.
I've just started to use on all my Gel Polish Clients the new Polish Pro Base Coat Plus so I'm glad I found this thread as I've had some issues with the new base coat residue on removal, it just didn't seem to budge very much at all, using the same soak off method ive always used so I contacted NSI this week to query.

I explained..."I'm really happy with the longevity of the Polish with Base Coat Plus now but the base coat seems a lot harder to remove than the original when soaking off. (I use the 10min soak off method with a cotton ball soaked in acetone with the finger wrapped in alfoil with warm heat pack.) Since using the new base coat, the colour soaks off really easily which is great but it tends to leave the base coat behind on the nail plate. A further soaking of 5 or so minutes still doesn't seem to lift it very well and I've had to gently buff it off with a fine sponge buffing block which is making the service a lot more time consuming. I'm just concerned repeatedly having to buff off the residue will cause damage to my clients nails."

The response I received today was, "Hi Rhyanna,
I haven't heard anything on PPRO Base Coat Plus from customers that is not good as yet ... as it is true: it is really helping a lot to improve adhesion with clients that are tough with gel polish manicures on thin soft natural nails.
However, I have found the removal process of PPRO Base Coat Plus DIFFICULT - myself too!
So I have asked other nail techs to give me feedbacks on this. I haven't got much yet for answering your question at this time sorry, but I will still enquire to find whatever tricks if there are some and let you know.
What I've already learnt from this was that PPRO Base Coat Plus was purely made for this purpose of improving adhesion on soft, damaged or very flexible natural nails and that this product only came out recently, so the team were still waiting to hear from the user's feedbacks for it at the time of my emails.
I will forward your email to the NSI Team and try again to get to know more on this and let you know.

I will contact you again soon.
Thank you.
Kind Regards
NSI Australia"

I'm just waiting on a further response if NSI suggest Base Coat Plus then really should only be used for "problem" clients? ie, those with chipping tendencies, poor nails etc?

Anyone have any further feedback in the mean time though?

I'm thinking based on Wooshka's reply though that if the base coat is hard to budge on removal I might have inadvertently applied it too thick.

Any further thoughts or suggestions much appreciated! :)
A further question! I had been watching the Nail Angel Videos for polish pro application and today noticed they have replaced it with a new one using the LED lamp. In the last video it said to cap with the base and top coat but not the colour coats. The new video says to cap with the colour coat also. Confused! Why did it say to cap before and not now?

Also, how long to cure base coat in UV lamp?

(Done my sis nails Saturday, her nails ALWAYS stay on, even with normal polish but she called today to say it had chipped on one finger and now its totally off - took so long on my prep too) :0((

Thanks in advance xx
I've always been advised by NSI directly that even with the new formulas - UV and LED to only cap the base and top coats, not the colour.

Re Base Coat UV cure times:
If original base coat - UV Cure 60-90secs
Base Coat Plus - I asked NSI recently and they said, "Apply the Base Coat Plus really thinly & flat, cap the free edge and cure for 1 minute."

The following might answer some of your questions and concerns, a recent response I received from NSI Australia when I emailed to ask re prep and application techniques and chipping concerns.

"When prepping the nails, I'll push back cuticles, etch the natural nails with a 180 grit file with a move directed down: from cuticle to free edge.
Dust down, make sure nail plate is cleaned, then dehydrate with nail pure plus ONLY by scrubbing on the natural nails.
Apply the Base Coat Plus really thinly & flat, cap the free edge and cure for 1 minute.
When applying colour, make sure it has come up to room temperature so the polish is more fluid. Shake well. Again apply really flat and thin. Place the PP brush near to the cuticle and let it settle there for a few seconds. This will allow the brush to fan out and hug the nail. Slowly stretch the PP down to free edge and then down each side. Don’t cap free edge with the colour. Cure for 2 minutes then apply a further 1 or 2 more coats. Then continue with the top coat and cure for 2 minutes. Wait 30s before you are wiping off tacky layer with cleanse.
If you are applying Nurture Oil, also wait 2 minutes after the hands are out of the lamp before using it, otherwise it can give a matte finish look instead of a shiny look.
The key factors in PPro success is :- Make sure your bulbs are in full working order, Your PPro colour has been shaken and at room temperature and that you apply thinly.
As for the chipping, this could be a number of things...Poor prep, weak nails, bulbs conditions not emitting enough light energy, application too thick or even the client knocking or picking her nails.
Also, it's been seen and mentioned by some nail techs in salons, that the nails must be healthy and that when nurture oil is used daily, it helps in some situations with very poor thin natural nails clients.
Sometimes and with some nail conditions when the nails are very flexible, damaged and thin natural nails and some other times due to client activities with their hands, Polish Pro (or any other gel polishes) won't make the best service for longevity on these clients... specially if clients are doing too much with their hands and expecting a gel polish to work as good as an acrylic enhancement.
PPro can stay a real challenge for nail techs using the product on some particular clients that are pickers on their nails and breaking the seals of the gel polish: by filing their nails themselves at home or by excessive cleaning underneath the free edge trying to remove some excess of product underneath the free edge themselves.
Some nail techs will use a coat of Balance builder clear to strengthen the poor thin or damaged natural nails and then use Polish Pro on top ; of course a filing step will be needed to refill Polish Pro, no soaking possible.
Advice: don't be too hard with yourself... it can be that gel polish nails for that special nail condition clients is not the best service for longevity... Sometimes client might have to move to a service that will give you the nail tech more options and secure the longevity of your service, this can be by keeping the client happy with a more adapted service that promote more longevity with stronger beautiful nails in acrylics or hard gels too.
Last thing... these new gel polishes are always improving with their formulas, that's valid for every single brand of Gel Polish on the market. The UV formulas were the first lot, then came the new technology of LED.
NSI has already put the 2 systems UV + LED in 1 bottle - and the New improved "NOW" sticker formulas that are UV + LED curable are affixed on our Polish Pro bottles, this is another great move forward with the new technology.
We are continuously testing Polish Pro: from the labs to the shelves and also on real clients in the salons and we can already and easily see exciting results with the new "NOW" formulas, it is worth giving it a try.

Hope this helps :)

NSI Australia Team
Mel - Educator"
Thank you, really appreciate your help. I know other brands seem to be more popular on here so its great to get such well thought out and helpful replies from clued up people. It has really helped me out.

Check out the new vid on Nail Angel tho ....... just to make sure Im not going mad! (She is def capping colour layer - twice!)

Will re do my sis nails Saturday and see what happens. All her others are staying fine so maybe I just didn't prep that one as well as I thought!

I'm following this as I've recently bought the new Led lamp and a few of the colours to try. Wooshkas advice has been great.
Mine didn't last a week but I'll be honest and think I rushed the prep and had also used acetone polish remover on a client so think this could be why.
Just tried it on a lovely volunteer today who regularly has gel polish with no issues. I was meticulous with prep so waiting to see how she gets on... :)
Yes, you are very right, you must apply the new Base Coat Plus in a very thin layer or it will be left behind after removal.
From what I know NSI have always suggested to only cap base and top coats and not color coats and this has not changed that I am aware of.

As I have mentioned I have entire range (new and older formulation and I have both UV and LED but only use UV still for clients and LED on my self) and I never cap color coats and have no problems.

I know I don't plan on changing my capping techniques anytime soon:)
Thanks for your reply. Like I said, I only mentioned it as the new video for pro polish on nail angel says to cap the colour. I have not been doing this as was told not too. The new video has replaced the old which is where my confusion stemmed from x
I'm following this as I've recently bought the new Led lamp and a few of the colours to try. Wooshkas advice has been great.
Mine didn't last a week but I'll be honest and think I rushed the prep and had also used acetone polish remover on a client so think this could be why.
Just tried it on a lovely volunteer today who regularly has gel polish with no issues. I was meticulous with prep so waiting to see how she gets on... :)

Just wanted to do an update in this!

I saw my volunteer on Wednesday and she loved it! She had no chipping (3 weeks wear) and she's aid she was rough on her nails. The only slight problem was that she had a slight bit of staining however she removed it herself so I'm not convinced that's down tot he polish pro!

I have just finished my second volunteer's nails today again after 3 weeks. They were still perfect except for the regrowth. And I have to say the removal has amazed me. It really was a dream. First two nails I lightly scraped with orange stick, came off no problem, next two nails I just touched with stick and off they came and then, well, the second hand, I took the foil and cotton pad off and the Polish Pro was completely off! We were both amazed. Brilliant.

I now can't wait to start ordering more colours. Thanks again Wooshka for all your patience and advice with my many questions! X

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