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Sep 9, 2009
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North Wales
Hi all!

I just had to post this on here...I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

I had a client in this morning who was in for a mini manicure, and she had quite nice nails in good condition.

As I was working, I asked her how often she has a manicure, and she said that she has them about once a month, now she has "grown her nails after visiting the Chinese salon she went to".

She said that the acrylic enhancements she had there completely wrecked her nails - they were seriously damaged by over-filing with an electric drill and really dehydrated. Then she said..."It was great though - they lasted forever, the man just put a mask on and drilled away and I didn't have to make small talk with him, and it was really cheap".

So of course I started to educate her about MMA and NSS practices, and she said she didn't care about any of that - so long as her nails looked good.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing - why would ANYONE want to put their nails, or any part of their body, through something like that? It was almost like she didn't care what damage had been caused, so long as the end result looked good.

Grrrr it just made me mad that there are those of us who are striving to inform clients on how to care for their nails, and care for them, when there are places like that out there who don't give one...:(
The blogs are a great place to vent about things like this!
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