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Jul 12, 2010
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isle of wight
What numbing cream do you use for Microblading? I was told to buy numquick?
Numb quick can not be used on broken skin but ezygel can..
Numbquick can be used 15-20mins before procedure starts and then ezygel to break skin and then throughout treatment xx
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I was told not to use anything prior but I have a few new nervous clients who I know may not come back for their perfection visit if the pain is awful bra for ezygel. What would you recommend?
Thank you x
I bought numquick as that's what I was told to buy, it says on the bottle to use on broken skin, I think I will use emla to start then numquick on broken skin x
I've heard emla for spmu x
I haven't had microblading before but when I used to get electrolysis on my upper lip I used emla cream aswell. You can but it over the counter aswell at the chemist x

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