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Feb 3, 2013
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Hi geeks im so sorry im not sure which part of salon geek to post this but I need some help!!!!

Im currently doing a nvq level 3 nail course. It is a government funded or should I say a loan really as you do pay it back if you earn over a certain amount.
Now im very unhappy about things and how its been run, its a farse to be honest. Feel we have been misled with something and also they are trying to rush us through. Im just not happy I could cry!!!
I wish I had never started with them and done it else where. I wondered if any of you lovely people can advise me on what to do, who to complain to?? Is it to the vtct people or where I got my loan from im unsure.

Thanks everyone x
Is start with vtct they will advise you further
If this is a college run course then you need to first complain to the head of beauty .
The next level after this would be the head of faculty and after that the college principal.
Best to work your way up the hierarchy. There may well be things they can do for you eg. Add more sessions / weeks to your course
or add extra units to give you more skills

Only go to VTCT if your training provider is not helpful.
Everyone. Your college, VTCT and if you get no joy then Ofqual. Hopefully you'll just get the fees refunded and be able to go elsewhere but you should still complain about the standard imo.
Is this via wsts by any chance? I could have written this exact post. It's currently being dealt with via the funder (in my case progress to excellence) and solicitors are involved I believe.
Speak to your funder and they should be able to move you. That being said I'm still awaiting a response from the funder since emailing on Friday!
I started the course June last year, s##t hit the fan and only finished assessments in December but now cause of what happened, I still don't have my certificate or qualification yet!
Excellent thank you so much everyone! No its not a college but a training centre. Dont want to name on here really. Pamie I really wish I could get the money refunded and use it to pay to learn where I want to learn! Sarah no its not them, but omg that's really bad!!!!!! So did they move you? Xx
Sounds very familiar, unfortunately it's all about funds specially if classes are small.
yeah they moved us to another training company and finally got confirmation today that i've qualified so just waiting for my certificate now. hope you get everything sorted, i know how you feel all too well, been an awful year in that sence!! xx
Colleges and private training schools can range from awful to excellent.

I would advise you to finish the nvq3 and then look to do training with the product you wish to use. This is what got my knowledge and skills where I wanted them to be post nvq3. But yeah, finish the nvq3 because it's a valuable piece of paper to have to be able to go onto other things with.

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