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Jan 18, 2003
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Just decided to try out odorless acrylic system- OPI - It's way different from CND. Does anyone else use an odorless system? Which is good and any helpfull hints.

Heehee..how cool, now there are two of us from Hawaii! woohoo!
I have never used an oderless acrylic. But I think I have heard that it hardens with a gummy layer that you have to kinda roll off. Sounds different huh? I would like to know how it works for you. It usually does take a little while to get used to a new product.
hi :D i use th opi clarite odourless system. :rolleyes: it is the only system i have used in acrylic its what i was taught with. it does cure with a 'gummy' layer that u have to 'roll' of .you need to make sure you dont leave it cure to hard.
if your doing pink and whites.
do the whites of both hands
then' roll 'of the first hand whites.
apply the pink first hand
then roll of white second hand .
apply pink second hand
and then roll of pink first hand.
then roll of pink second hand.
then back to first hand finish in usual way .
then second hand finish in usual way.i
f you dont do it like this it cures to hard and you have to file like a crazy person. :freak:
if your using french white tips then it kinds of messes it up the rolling of bit .
you kinda need to do three fingers then
check if the first finger is cured.if so-
roll the first finger,then apply a couple more pinks
then roll a couple more. if you get what i mean. and it depends how fast you work to when u need to roll. i dont think you can apply them as thin as 'odour 'products. you also need to apply thicker to allow for the 'roll' off.oh yess you know when it is cured for 'rolling' by tapping the brush or something else to get the clicking sound.
hope this helps.

nicola ;)
Just a friendly word of caution please.

The roll-off layer is un-cured product. Product that is not fully cured is still 'reactive' and should not touch your skin. If your file is full of it or the dust gets on your hands you are at risk of overexposure to the product.
Work clean and wash hands frequently. If you start to 'itch' in the palms of your hands or wrists it is a warning of overexposure. It is a good idea to wear gloves when working with a product with a roll off layer. :)
:D Thank you so much for your advice. I am using OPI Clarice and I was having a very difficult time doing pink and whites. Your suggestions are great. I will try that. Thanks also for the advice on allergic reactions. I will try to be careful. I just read in the Nailpro about an ordorless product called Ultimate. They claim it doesn't dry tacky. Has anyone used this?

Hi Christie, I'm getting a little more brave.. a little less shy!! I will continue to perservier( is there a spell check on this thing??)!!
Hi there! I too was taught in school with the clarite' line as well. I personally didn't have good luck with it. I had quite a bit of lifting, but mostly yellowing!!! I was not the only one either. Nearly everyone in my class had the same trouble with it as well. If you are wanting to try something that is more on the odorless side, but much easier to work with, then might I suggest Backscratchers Extreme! It is fantastic!! It's a dipped acrylic system. I have had nothing but good luck with it, and have had no one with any lifting at all!!!!! You can do pink and whites with the Extreme as well. Much faster than traditional acrylic, no brush, and very little filing!!! Hope that helps. That's just my 2 cents worth. Hope whatever you work with will work out well for you! Good luck and take care!
I use Backscratchers extreme too !..It is easy , no lifting and little filing so it cuts down on dust, the activator spray actually smells nice which makes a change.
I also use EZ flow coloured acrylic and boy does my hubby complain about the smell even though it's used in a well ventilated room..maybe I'll try the dampened lint out.. I was also one of those taught to wipe the brush on tissue frequently..will try to get out of the habit !
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