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paige rosie

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Sep 24, 2012
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Hey geeks bussiness is really quite at min I have been putting offers on bit don't seem to be working what offers do you find work?

Thank you for your help x
What offers do you have? Who are you advertising to?
Done % off, packages and my clients I already have Facebook and twitter I have also started giving gift vouchers to school ect for raffles x
What about recommend a friend and when they come in (can't live in the same household to prevent them recommending their husbands) the person who reccomended them gets a 15 pound voucher (not sure of uk prices but u get me) and so on a so forth so u have continual people recommending your salon
I already do this and have got nothing from it as yet :/
Where are you advertising? I find people get ALOT of business from before & after shots.. And I don't want to be rude at all by saying this but good work sells itself maybe do a course for some fresh inspiration & then you can display all your certificates to show how qualified you are.. I meant that in the nicest way!
I get where your coming from but I am all up to date with all training and have my certificates up in salon. I also but all pic of work I do on Facebook as much as I can but don't seem to be able to get people throw the door :/ just feel like I'm doing everything and nothing's working feeling like giving up :/ which I really don't want to x
Post what pictures you put up maybe they aren't showing the hair off

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