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Apr 5, 2003
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Nottingham , U.K.
Done a couple of new sets of sculpts
Both clients work in an office...
Here's my question for today?

Would typing on a keyboard cause damage to their sculpted nails?
I say this because both sets appear to be looking a bit battered !!

Any ideas?

Any suggestions would be helpful - maybe some type (get it!) of bandage?

Thanks.... :D
Certainly, typing does put pressure on the tips of the fingers and the free edge of the enhancements.
The longer the nails, the more the pressure.
The key is to go a little shorter.
If the client doesn't want to, then on her own head be it if she causes any damage.
Most typists manage quite well even with long nails, they learn to accommodate.
Suggest they type with the pads of thier fingers as opposed to the nails themselves. NO clickety click!!
If they are new to long nails then maybe suggest taking them a bit shorter and then extend the length bit by bit as they get used to them??
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