Oh no patchy tan and orange hands and feet


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Feb 22, 2011
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oh no please help!

i've been spray tanning for a year and use crazy angel. i had a client last night who is going on holiday today. i used the 9% and she asked to go darker so i did her two coats. it was perfect when i left her.

she's rung me this morning saying her tan is all patchy, arms are ligher and hands and feet have gone orange. i've never had this before and don't know what to do. i'm going to see her at lunch time to see if i can sort it out but i'm not sure how to do this.

should i exfoliate the patchy areas and re-spray her? how can i remove the orange from her hands and feet?
does she mean on top of the hands and feet? If so then has she been using hand and foot creams? On the palms of the hands - so long as there was no solution when you left then it's down to her touching the guide colour and not cleaning her hands after - she can try rubbing oil or lemon juice on them to try and take the colour off.

Until you see the tan though it's hard to tell what is going on... is this her first tan? Is there any chance she's pregnant as that can cause the tan to take in a patchy way.... the possibilities are endless unless you have seen it...
just spoke with me client again and she said the palms of her hands and the tops of her feet are orange. she also said it looks like someone has wiped the tan off her legs and left finger marks. plus she's now telling me that her back looks like patchy, like the skin is really dry.

I'm not looking forward to seeing her at lunchtime
Well I can tell you what has happened with her palms and legs LOL Put 2 and 2 together...
She touched her legs with her palms and got guide on her which she didn't wipe off... After I tan people I make sure I tell them NO touching! in fact copying someone on here I now say "right - have a look-see - any tan on your palms? No? ok... any white patches anywhere? No? super... *then with a big grin!* "if you call me tomorrow with orange hands and hand prints then you've touched when I told you not to :) DON'T DO IT :D"

Her feet could be anything - what shoes was she wearing? Could she have sweated heavily in socks?
Her back - again - depends on what it really looks like when you see it but did she have dry skin on her back? Has she applied any moisturiser as per your aftercare advise...
I agree, I think by the description it sounds as though she's not been careful and touched.
Has she washed off her guide colour already? This may make a difference too to the outcome.

I also think if her back looks 'dry' already theres a good chance she hasnt followed pre-tan advice either- did you give her this.
In future make sure both pre and post tan care is crystal clear.

The tops of the feet being orange could be too much overspray on them, hows the dial on your gun- have you adjusted it for cleaning without replacing as it should be?
If you re spray anywhere be careful not to spray over areas that are as she says 'orange', you dont want to make them worse.

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