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Sep 23, 2003
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hiya people
i've a client in tomorrow whos got really oily flakey nails and wants a full set of gel nails i doubt these will stick but she is insistant that she wants them for christmas and there is no talking to her. also she is taking medication and recently changed and thinks this is when the change in her nails began. any sugestions as to what i should do?
michelle :rolleyes:
All you can do is advise the client as to the possibility that the enhancements amy not work well for her.

The rest is up to her.

It is her choice.

She pays her money and takes her choice ... so to speak.

No comebacks and get her to sign the client record card agreeing to the treatment even tho you have advised her against.

Everyone happy.
Thats exactly what i would do to. The client card is the essential bit so that she cant complain after.

Medication affects your nails more than people realise. I have had 5 operations this year and i am always on strong painkillers. My nails have never been so bad. Just take extra care and get her to come back for a rebalance after 10 days to double check all is ok.
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