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Jan 12, 2003
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Hi Lads and Lasses

Sorry been a bit low profile just recently! Anyway, just to keep you all posted on the situation - not that there's alot to report.

Having spoken to 2 different men on separate occasions, and been told they would get back to me later - ha!.........that was a laugh, they obviously meant MUCH later!!!! - I phoned back and spoke to the more intelligent sex (sorry Geek, not wishing to generalise, but in Professional Beauty, this was most definitely the case!!).

Anyway, basically the format is this:- 10 to a table and £82.20 per person. A form will be printed in Professional nails Nov/Dec, which I will need to fill in and send off with total money.

Some people have already contacted me for a place, but if there is anyone else who would like tickets, please PM me.

As for payment, well this will need to be paid upfront, probably by cheque (not made payable to me - just in case you're wondering!!!) - I'm afraid I will not be left holding on to a ticket that I can't find a home for! The best thing at the moment is to leave me your name and how many tickets you might need and then I will contact you all again when the form comes through.

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