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Feb 16, 2012
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This is long I apologise I'll try and get it short as I can!
Client currently bleach blonde all over wanting to go ombré but not too dark on root thinking of doing along the base of a 7. she has got warm roots so I was thinking maybe 7/81 illumina with 20vol on root but what would I put on her blonde hair would I have to pre pig or maybe 7/3 with /43 mix with 20 vol?(She also hates 'ginger')

Also to add we are putting extensions in. Colouring on a Monday. Putting them in on a weds so it only gives me a full day to match Etc. She can't be without extensions for long. Never used ombré extensions or can I just get blonde ones and not do them too high up?! Help meeee xxx
You won't be able to do blondes ones as you'll notice the bonds in the base 7 roots x
I did think that but I've seen a lot of people do it that way, the colour is more important at the mo and she doesn't want the brown too dark x
Who is your supplier? Do they not do custom made ombre extensions? X
I use hair rebellion I don't think they do. Was going to ask studio 58 but don't have their colour chart. So the colours differ slightly don't they I'm doing them 2 weeks Wednesday so going to have to order before this weds as apparently it can take up to 2 weeks so don't want to leave it too Long. X

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